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From FRP Canada:

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Resource sheets, in PDF format, originally published with Play and Parenting, FRP Canada's quarterly newsletter. For information on photocopying, republishing and using resource sheets in training, please read the Policy Guidelines

Note:   Ten of the following resource sheets are available in 14 languages: Arabic, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Farsi (Persian), Hindi, Portuguese, Punjabi, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Tagalog, Tamil, Urdu and Vietnamese. Please click on the Welcome Here link to access all of these translations.


Active Life
Building Active Habits (multiple languages) Gardening Together
Keeping Active Physical Literacy
Building Social and Emotional Skills
A Sense of Belonging From Hitting to Words
Good Judgement Takes Practice Helping Children Understand Death
Positive Thinking Habits Protecting and Preparing
Understanding and Stopping Bullying Anger in the Family
Keep Calm to Think Straight  NEW
Child Care
Building Partnership With Child Care Provider How to Start a Babysitting Co-op
Child Development
Developing through Work Knowing What to Expect
They Don't Think Like We Do    
Family Life
Becoming Responsible Consumers Family Routines (multiple languages)
Laughter in the Family Making Transition Times Easier
Parenting, The Big Picture Root Your Family in Rituals
Singing Through the Day (multiple languages) The Grandparent Connection
The Relationship Bank Account The Stress of Structure
Your Family's Values in Action Advice You Didn't Ask For
Guiding Children's Behaviour
Breaking Ineffective Patterns Focus on Next Time
Giving Children Feedback Handy Phrases for Parents
Helping Children Behave Well Hidden Messages of Misbehaviour
Limits Help Children Grow Promoting Positive Behaviour (multiple languages)
Setting Consequences The Drawbacks of Rewards
Time-In, Not Time-Out When Consequences Don't Work
Looking for the Good Side    
Literacy and Numeracy
Choosing Quality Books Connecting Through Stories (multiple languages)
Learning Good Financial Habits Math With Kids is Fun!
The Pleasures of Reading Aloud (multiple languages)    
Play Time
Benefits of Play in Natural Settings Change Waiting Time to Play Time (multiple languages)
Games Where Everybody Belongs Parents at Play (multiple languages)
Play for the Brain Process, Not Product (multiple languages)
Supporting Children's Play (multiple languages) Make-Believe Play
Play for Connection  NEW


Why Play?

Why Play?
Also available to download in multiple languages is our series of Why Play? brochures offering information to parents and child care providers on play and child development. The brochures cover age groups 0-6 months, 6-12 months, 1-2 years, 2-3 years, 3-4 years, and 4-5 years.

Épargnes ? Avenir (FutureSave)

FRP Canada's financial literacy resources - An online compilation of financial literacy information and tools for families.

Canada Education Savings Program - Did you know that the Canadian Government will give up to $9,220 towards your child's post-secondary education?

The Value of RESPs goes beyond the obvious financial benefits.

Facts and Resources for Families on Education Savings is a guide for parents illustrating how to save for a child's post-secondary education with help from the government of Canada.



Positive Discipline  

Printed by FRP Canada
Positive Discipline in Everyday Parenting, 3rd ed
by Joan E. Durrant, Ph.D

Previously published as Positive Discipline: What it is and how to do it  (First ed. 2007, Second ed. 2011)

“Positive Discipline” describes a non-violent approach to teaching our children, while being respectful of the child as a learner and individual human being.
The book is beautifully laid out in a clear, visually appealing, organized way and is easy to navigate based on the child’s stage of development. Durrant expertly and empathetically addresses conflicts that will likely arise at each stage, offering positive, logical solutions and she engages parents to make constructive choices with written exercises throughout the book.

Positive Discipline summary brochure  [PDF 194K]

Interview with author Joan E. Durrant  [PDF 89K]

Positive Discipline Order Form  [PDF 220K]

NEW  See the new Positive Discipline website,, for more information on the program including information for parents, links to download or order the parent book, and a section for facilitators.

Resources from Other Sources:

The following resources (in PDF format unless otherwise indicated) cover a variety of parenting topics.  Each title represents a direct link to that resource.  For more information, click on the organization's website.

Be a Great Parent, Niagara Regional Health
 How parenting styles impact children
 Parenting your infant
 Parenting your toddler
 Parenting your preschooler
 Parenting your child
 Parenting your teen

Best Start:  Maternal Newborn and Early Child Development Resource Centre, Ontario
 Baby Wants - booklet of simple everyday actions to foster a young child's development
 Breastfeeding Matters - important guide for women and their families
 Healthy Eating for a Healthy Baby - booklet on nutrition for pregnant women
 Beginning Journey: First Nations Pregnancy Resource

Canadian Father Involvement Initiative
 Involved Fathers - A guide for today's dad
 Full-time Dad, Part-time Kids
Daddy, come play with me
 Kids we can count on
 One Step at a Time
 Daddy, I need you
 24-Hour Cribside Assistance for New Dads  (links to website with order info - $)

Centre of Knowledge on Healthy Child Development Offord Centre for Child Studies, McMaster University
 Anxiety Problems in Children and Adolescents
 Attention Problems in Children and Adolescents
 Behaviour Problems in Children and Adolescents
 Mood Problems in Children and Adolescents

Child and Youth Mental Health, Ministry of Children and Family Development, BC
 Dealing with Depression: Anti-depression skills for teens
(For more information on how to use this document, please go to the Child and Youth Mental Health link above)

Child and Youth Mental Health Services, London and area, ON
 Children and Youth Mental Health Resource Guide - by parents for parents

Child Welfare League of Canada (CWLC)
 Be the Best Parent You Can Be: Positive Discipline Works!  (links to website with 11 language PDFs)

Early Childhood Learning Knowledge Centre, Canadian Council on Learning
 Importance of Attachment in Infants

Encyclopedia on Early Childhood Development, Centre of Excellence for Early Childhood Development
NEW    ADHD - Helping your child to pay attention
 Aggressive Behaviours - You can help to manage them
 Aggressive Behaviours - More support, for better prevention
 Alcohol Use during Pregnancy
 Alcohol Use during Pregnancy - Aboriginal Parents
 Anxiety and depression - Recognizing the early warning signs
 Breastfeeding - More than loving contact
 Breastfeeding - Aboriginal parents
 Child's Play - Learning that comes naturally
 Cognitive Stimulation (executive functions) - Help your child think before acting
 Crying - Listen:  they're talking to you!
 Discipline - How much is enough?
 Divorce and Separation - Paying attention to your child's needs
 Eating Behaviours - A recipe for healthy eating habits
 Emotions - Helping your child identify and express feelings
 Gender: early socialization   Boys and girls - Two of a kind?
 High Quality Child Care Services
 Language - Your baby's first steps toward learning to speak
 Literacy - First steps toward reading and writing
 Numeracy - It adds up to more than counting
 Nutrition: Developing healthy eating habits during pregnancy
 Parent-Child Attachment - A bond of trust
 Parent-Child Attachment - Aboriginal parents
 Parents' Practices - When sensitivity and beliefs enter the picture
 Parents' Practices - Aboriginal parents
 Peer Relations - Sowing the Seeds of Friendship
 Peer Relations - Supporting Children to Develop Friendships
 Physical Activity and Young Children - A Fun and Healthy Habit
 Physical Activity and Young Children - Aboriginal Parents
 Preventing Math Learning Difficulties - It adds up to success
 Preventing Reading Difficulties - It spells success!
 School Transition - Starting School on the Right Foot
 Social Cognition - Helping your child understand people's thoughts and feelings
 Temperament - A life-long influence
 Temperament - Understanding your child's temperament
 Tobacco Use during Pregnancy
 Vaccines - Your child's best shot against disease
 Your Child's Brain - Building a strong structure
 Your Child's Brain - Showing you care is smart!

Handbook of Language and Literacy Development:  A Roadmap from 0 to 60 Months, Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network
The following parent/caregiver tips taken from the Handbook link directly to the website:
 Auditory Development (0-60 months)
 Children and Computers (30-60 months)
 Children's Literature (0-60 months)
 Narrative Development (0-60 months)
 Numeracy (0-60 months)
 Prereading Development (0-60 months)
 Social and Emotional (0-60 months)
 Listening (0-12 months)
 Vocalizing (0-12 months)
 Language (25-36 months)
 Interacting (0-12 months)
 Spelling and Writing Development (13-60 months)
 Vision Development (0-60 months)
 Vocabulary Development (0-60 months)

Help Me Grow - Social and Emotional Development Milestones, Infant Mental Health Promotion (IMHP)
An overview of a young child's typical social and emotional development by age:
 0-3 months
 4-6 months
 7-12 months
 13-18 months
 19-24 months
 25-36 months
 All (0-36 months)

IMHP Developmental charts provide age appropriate strategies for parents/caregivers to be:
 Engaged and Engaging
 Enjoyable to be with
 Their baby's voice

Psychology Foundation of Canada
 Focus on Self-Esteem: Nurturing your school-age child
 Hands-on Dad: A guide for new fathers
 Let's Play!  A Child's Road to Learning
 Yes, You Can!  Positive discipline ideas for you and your child
 You and Your Preteen: Getting ready for independence

Safe Kids Canada
The following resources are available in multiple languages.
 Home Safety
 Booster Seat Safety
 Drowning Prevention - Summer Safety
 Drowning Prevention - Winter Safety
 Growing Up Safe

Take Your Temperament
 Take Your Temperament! A Workbook for Parents and Children  (links to website with order info - $)

Trillium Health Centre
(click on link above to access following resources in Urdu and Punjabi)
 Caring for Your Baby
 Feeding Your Baby
 Keeping Baby Safe
 Caring for Yourself
 Adjusting after Baby is Born
 Warning Signs for Baby and You

TVO Parents (TVO Parents is a web portal of TVO, Ontario's public television)
 Newcomers Guide to Elementary School in Ontario (available in 18 languages)
 What to Expect: Starting Kindergarten
 Developmental Milestones
 Understanding Computers and TV in Your Child's Life
 Making Sense of Childcare
 Parent's Guide to Special Education
 Understanding Autism


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